"Live from the Cemetery"

"Don't Do Drugs"

Since PART VIII features a fictional 80s slasher franchise; THE GRAVEDIGGER, we created a fun, 7-part web-series to fill you in on... 


In a small mid-west town, inexplicable disappearances have led many locals to believe that Lonnie, a lone Gravedigger who died decades ago in the local cemetery, has returned to seek his revenge.

Legend has it that there are tell-tale signs of Lonnie before he appears: a dog can be heard in the vicinity, a lantern seen flashing through the trees, the sound of metal scraping across tombstones.

‚ÄčNo one has come into contact with Lonnie and returned to tell the tale, but the legend continues to intrigue tourists, passersby, and locals alike.

PART VIII is currently in pre-production
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